The tale of Bern is a savage one. It started on June 26th , in the year of our lord 1976. This was the day he was spit from his mother’s womb into this world kicking and screaming covered in blood and guts on the shores of Portland Maine. It’s rumored he then crawled across the land and scribed his name in the sand with a clam shell. This would be the beginning of his career as a notorious and infamous graffiti artist. After years of mastering graffiti and various other art forms, He attend the Maine College of Art. After graduation Bern grew tired of life in Maine, well that and it was reported he’d run out of things to write his name on in New England.

So our hero set on the road to further infamy in the Midwest. He settled in Columbus with other members of his crew of rejects from the isle of misfit toys. In 2000 he began a some what turbulent apprenticeship at Columbus Ohio’s All City Tattoo. This would turn out to be the perfect career path for an antisocial passive aggressive vandal of Berns caliber. After all what greater high could a graffiti addicted paint fume loving bastard get than seeing his art adorning people’s bodies for the rest of their lives. No need to worry about the buff in this field. Plus graffiti just wasn’t paying the bills.

After learning all he could learn from his epidermal art sensei. Bern again hungered for bigger and better things. In 2002 he would move to NYC and begin a six year tenure at the legendary Tattoo Seen in the boogie down Bronx. This would be where our hero would hone his skills to perfection. In 2008 he bid farewell to Seen and began working at Rising Dragon until July of 2011 he moved on to Daredevil Tattoo in the LES of NYC.